The Indian Artifact Grading Authority
Is the premiere artifact evaluation service for establishing the value of your artifact based assets. We are a comprehensive Indian Artifact service specializing in Authentication, Grading, Appraisals, and Liquidation. 
Services provided by the IAGA are utilized by enthusiasts, collectors, and investors worldwide.  Our mission is to provide superior service to each and every client we work with.
We utilize the internationally recognized 10-Point Grading Scale on each of our artifact evaluations.  Some form of this standardized system is currently used in nearly every hobby worldwide as a guideline for grading collectibles.  The 10-Point Grading Scale has developed into the standard for the Indian artifact hobby.
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Indian Artifact Certification

The IAGA, headed by Joseph Mattingly, has over 30 years of experience with Indian Artifacts.  Joseph's qualifications include formal degrees in physical anthropology, authentication methodology, as well as national museum curation and collection work. 
Having your artifacts certified by the IAGA provides peace of mind and  protects their historical provenance.
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